If given the volume of a cylinder, how would you find the volume of a sphere that has the same radius measure.

Accepted Solution

Answer:  The radius of a sphere hides inside its absolute roundness. A sphere's radius is the length from the sphere's center to any point on its surface. The radius is an identifying trait, and from it other measurements of the sphere can be calculated, including its circumference, surface area and volume. The formula to determine the volume of a sphere is 4/3π multiplied by r, the radius, cubed, where π, or pi, is a non terminating and non repeating mathematical constant commonly rounded off to 3.1416. Since we know the volume, we can plug in the other numbers to solve for the radius, r. Multiply the volume by 3. For example, suppose the volume of the sphere is 100 cubic units. Multiplying that amount by 3 equals 300. Divide this figure by 4π. In this example, dividing 300 by 4π gives a quotient of 23.873. Calculate the cube root of that number. For this example, the cube root of 23.873 equals 2.879. The radius is 2.879 units.