Which expression is equivalent to square root 55x^7 y^6/11x^11 y^8? Assume x > 0 and y > 0.

Accepted Solution

The first step for solving this expression is to reduce the fraction with 11.
[tex] \sqrt{ \frac{5 x^{7} y^{6} }{ x^{11} y^{8} } } [/tex]
Now reduce the fraction with [tex] x^{7} [/tex].
[tex] \sqrt{ \frac{5 y^{6} }{ x^{4} y^{8} } } [/tex]
Reduce the fraction one more time with [tex] y^{6} [/tex].
[tex] \sqrt{ \frac{5}{ x^{4} y^{2} } } [/tex]
To take the root of a fraction,, we must take the root of the numerator and denominator separately. This rule will change the expression to the following:
[tex] \frac{ \sqrt{5} }{ x^{2} y} [/tex]
Since we cannot simplify this fraction any further,, the final answer is going to be [tex] \frac{ \sqrt{5} }{ x^{2} y} [/tex].
Let me know if you have any further questions.