Mrs. Swanson gives out only one type of candy for Halloween. The localdiscount store sells six pounds of butterscotch candies for $7.50. Useproportional reasoning to answer the questions below. Be sure to explain youranswer and organize your reasoning.a.What is the cost of 18 pounds of butterscotch candies?b.What is the cost of 10 pounds of butterscotch candies?c.What is the unit rate for butterscotch candies?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Cost of  18 pounds candy  = $22.5Cost of 10 pounds candy = $12.5Cost of 1 pound of candies  = $1.25Step-by-step explanation:6 pounds of butterscotch candies cost  $7.50⇔ 1 pound of same candy costs [tex]\frac{7.50}{6}   =[/tex]   $1.25Now, we need to find the cost of 18 pounds of candy:as, the cost of 6 pounds candy = $7.50⇔   Cost of 6 x 3 =  18 pounds candy =  $7.50 x  3 = $22.5Cost of 10 pounds candy =  10 x (Cost of 1 pound candy)= 10 x ($1.25)  = $12.5The unit rate for butterscotch candies   = Cost of 1 pound of candies= $1.25