) What would the value of c be whenRound your answer to the nearest one decimal place[tex] \frac{18}{20}c - 250 = - 40[/tex]​

Accepted Solution

The value of c is 233.3Step-by-step explanation:Given equation is:[tex]\frac{18}{20}c-250=-40[/tex]To find the value of c, we have to isolate c on one side of the equationSo,Adding 250 on both sides[tex]\frac{18}{20}c-250+250=-40+250\\\frac{18}{20}c=210[/tex]Multiplying by 20 on both sides[tex]20*\frac{18}{20}c=210*20\\18c=4200[/tex]Dividing both sides by 18[tex]\frac{18c}{18}=\frac{4200}{18}\\c=233.3333[/tex]Rounding off to the nearest one decimal placec=233.3The value of c is 233.3Keywords: Linear Equation, Solution of linear equationLearn more about linear equations at:brainly.com/question/3799248brainly.com/question/3950386#LearnwithBrainly