A park has a 3 meter tall tether ball pole and a 6.8 m tall flagpole. The lengths of their shadows are proportional to their heights.Which of the following could be the lengths of the shadows?Choose 2 answers:The answer is B and d

Accepted Solution

The relationship between the height and shadow length is a direct proportionality type of relationship. That is, the higher the height, the longer the shadow and vice versa. The ratio of height to shadow length is a constant.
Therefore, if x and y are are the length of shadow of tether ball pole and flagpole receptively,

[tex] \frac{6.8}{y} [/tex] =[tex] \frac{3}{x} [/tex] => y=[tex] \frac{6.8}{3}x[/tex]

When x= 1.35 m
y=(6.8/3)*1.35 =3.06 m
When x=1.8 m
y= (6.8/3)*1.8 = 4.08 m
When x= 3.75 m
y=(6.8/3)*3.75 = 8.5 m
When x= 0.6
y= (6.8/3)*0.6 = 1.36 m
When x=2
y= (6.8/3)*2 = 4.533 m

Therefore, it is true that B and D are the true answers.